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Talk about taking one for the team. Thanks for warning against that Giant Eagle stuff; remember noticing it in the newly "upgraded" Market District up in Wexford. I've also noted in the past that there isn't really that much (appealing) to choose from on the shelves of most supermarkets. Our last "in a pinch" purchase was a can of Trader Joe's something or other, only because I happened to be going there anyway at the time (we don't live near there anyway so wouldn't be a typical in a pinch choice). Apparently it's drinkable to some degree because it's still being used (I don't drink it) but it is certainly lesser. Will try not to get into that situation again but will suggest the Dunkin if it happens. Brewing Dunkin on a Clever, that just sounds wrong somehow though. ;-)

I haven't made it as a Clever or any other method other than Technivorm yet, so that's an idea... I wonder what other off-flavors might pop up!

Given it's generally thought to be a low-grown arabica blend (Brazil, Guat, Colombia) and mostly sun-grown, I imagine there must be some decent processing going on that makes the final product palatable.

However, once I clean out the basement and organize the piles of Aldo stuff, I'll start roasting my own again.

Just relaying a bit of your post to my better half here. She reminded me that she tried the Starbucks Blonde a while back, and it happened they were brewing that as pourover (not sure if that's standard procedure for all orders of Blonde or what) and it was apparently pretty good. This was from one of the Turnpike plazas of all places! So that would probably be a decent in a pinch option too should this happen again, if you find beans. And now that I'm home, I can say the Trader Joe's we have here is Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Blend, medium roast, blend of South American it says. All she says is it's "dull". For what it's worth; ideally you won't be stuck buying those. ;-)

Generally I seem to be the one with the more sensitive taste buds, but she's the one that enjoys coffee and does at least notice differences in them. (Better than some ppl I know who are content to drink blue and red cans!) I still don't get much of anything good out of most of them, even with the temp controlled kettle and the Clever and scale. Even when we had an Intelli Ethiopian picked up from 21st Street (wish I could remember the 4-letter name, they had two diff Ethiopian at time, this one came from Oromia coop I remember because I recognized that name) it wasn't really my thing. I may not be destined to ever like coffee too much. Ah well. I still like learning about it. I try to taste it at times when it seems worth trying.

I'm going to guess the Ethiopia was Doyo. You're not alone in that opinion and it was one of the 3W coffees I was thinking about when I wrote that line in the OP. I was actually pissed to have paid a premium for that cup.

Yeah, Doyo, that was indeed it. I certainly didn't get anything special out of it. But since I don't drink coffee very much and haven't tasted that many overall in the grand scheme of things, I wouldn't be confident myself in proclaiming it not worth it. So it's rather interesting to hear you share that opinion.

I'm actually getting closer to finding beers I like than coffee! ;-) Never was sure I could find beer I could drink much at all either, so maybe there is hope still with the coffee. (I gather that's related somehow.) I seem to remember getting pretty close with a couple at your shop, and I think they were probably Central American because that sticks in my head a bit. Just need to keep tasting more.

This is anecdotal, not scientific, but I'll project that most "serious" coffee professionals I know are IPA fans. They appreciate the hoppy bitters over sweeter beers. Although there are Lambic fans too (not me).

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